Providing development and
construction equity funding
for ASEAN power projects

The Asia Power Development Platform (“APDP”) group, which comprises Singapore incorporated entities, was established by Macquarie (Capital) and STEAG, to fund development, construction and operations of power generation projects across the ASEAN region. APDP is securing phase one funding for up to US$500 million of construction equity capital for greenfield or brownfield thermaland renewable power plants in ASEAN countries. APDP uses its experience and expertise to enter projects to de-risk them during the development phase ahead of achieving financial close and additionally, achieve commercial operation together with its local and international partners.
  • Experienced management team with strong institutional backing from STEAG and Macquarie Capital.
  • Targeting long term PPAs (20-25 years) benefitting from USD tariffs with fuel cost pass-through and strong off-takers.
  • Proven track record to capitalise on attractive power generation investment opportunities.
  • Robust shareholders bringing in financial strength combined with technical and operational experience.
  • Differentiated investment strategy with power projects diversified across thermal and renewables across numerous countries and counterparts.
Macquarie Group is a global provider of banking, financial advisory, investment and funds management services in major international financial centres.
STEAG GmbH (“STEAG”) is the fifth largest generator of electricity in Germany, and has installed and operated capacity of approximately 14 GW.

Asia Power Development Platform (APDP),  a Singapore based joint venture between the Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Limited (Australia) and STEAG (Germany), develops and invests in greenfield and brownfield renewable and thermal power projects within ASEAN region.
APDP is JV Company by Macquarie and STEAG who leverage each other’s strong financial expertise and technical skills to support Developers to grow in the ASEAN power sector
STEAG’S strong technical expertise in power sector
Macquarie’s infastructure and financing expertise
Dedicated management team
Access to a wide range of expertise and financial resources
Macquarie is a diversified financial group providing asset management and financial services as well as banking, advisory, risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities.
With over AUD470 billion in assets under management as at 30 September 2017, Macquarie aims to deliver long term profitability and shareholder returns, while managing risk and observing expected standards of corporate governance across.
Macquarie Capital comprises Macquarie’s corporate advisory, equity, debt and private capital markets businesses, and undertakes principal investing having advised on over 150 transaction valued at AUD73 billion as at 30 September 2017.
Macquarie Capital provides corporate finance advisory and capital markets services to corporate, private equity and government clients involved in public and private M&A, debt and equity fund raisings, private equity raisings and corporate restructuring. It also undertakes principal investing activities globally to support clients.
One of the largest power generators in the world
14GW+ installed and operated capacity across the globe
Extensive operating and O&M experience
Engineering arm with more than 1,600 employees
Represented with own capacity in Asia
The platform is headed by Tharma Kunaratnam (CEO), who leads a professional & multifaceted team, including STEAG and Macquarie secondees
Over 100 years experience in the energy and projects sector
Quick in decision making
Extensive Know-How for every technology available on short hand
Established government relationship
Proven track record
APDP sees itself as a co-developer and facilitator for project development and realization.
  • Understand that local issues need local expertise.
  • Exceptional track record of IPP development, technical capability of STEAG combined with financial structuring strength of MACQUARIE – a unique combination.
  • Strong interest from debt markets to participate in APDP projects to provide non-recourse project financing.
  • APDP understands and appreciates ‘partnership approach’ with local partners irrespective of it being a majority or minority shareholder.
  • Adherence to international standards and strong corporate governance.
  • Appreciates and strives for faster decision making and speed of implementation – without sacrificing essence of the project.
APDP focuses on conventional and renewable generation development opportunities across ASEAN in the small to medium power plant segment. The strategy includes:
  • Size: Predominantly focusing on small to medium scale power plants (e.g. approx. 50MW –300MW). For renewable, smaller projects may be considered.
  • Off-takers: Public utility and industrial sectors.
  • Fuel mix: Diversified fuel mix (gas and coal) and renewables (wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and waste to energy).
  • Project Mix: Include greenfield, captive power, industrial estates, repowering, expansion, distressed projects and PPA extensions.